Moving blogs to Jekyll

I am an avid blogger since long and pretty much used every DIY blogging engine, out there, naming few

1.) Wordpress
2.) Hosted Wordpress
3.) Posterious
4.) Tumblr

Out of all those I liked tumblr much. But posting anaything has been hadache to me. no doubt, they are great as blogging platform; having every feature one could think off.

But these feature dont cut it off for me. I know, your mind is popping up some hate sentences, but let me tell you why?


I am a developer, so certainly

1.) I dont like to move away from my console and editor
2.) I dont want to post via email to find out that it is looking weird and then it takes time to fix them up using browser editor that I hate
3.) I dont want my blog to be cluttered with some fancy unwanted plugins
4.) I dont want to spend hours to fix or add new element and/or design via browser based editor.
5.) I dont want forced design(I meant css)
6.) I want to own my content

So finally I moved to static site generator called jekyll; although I was not new to it; was using it for long on my github face and awesomeness of github pages.

It has saved me from troubles that I had with blogging engines and provided that

1.) I own my content
2.) I feel comfortable while blogging using my editor and console.
3.) I feel blessed with github pages.
4.) I keep blog design simplistic, uncluttered and easy on eyes.

So I have listed all reason, but they might not apply to laymen or technology-unaware people. All great blogging engine out there provides much simplicity to people who just want to post anything from anywhere.

There are many posts written about pros and cons of SSG (static site generators).

But I love it, as it perfectly fits in my world.

Happy Blogging :)