JSDB - (A JIT interpreter for JavaScript)

Frankly I used to be frightened from working with JavaScript but since I started working with Core JavaScript(in Titanium) my interest grew for this language. I started hacking around the stuff in JavaScript, but being a Ruby developer from heart I do not want to leave command line and to test the code I have written, I needed some sort of compiler or interpreter like Ruby’s IRB. So as usual I hit the Google but for my misery I found nothing.

I searched more but no help. Yesterday I bumped into JSDB (stands for JavaScript for Database) it’s a basically JIT (Just In Time) compiler that uses SpiderMonkey JavaScript Engine. It works just like Ruby’s IRB.

So here is how to get up with it on Mac OSX

Instruction to Setup

1.) Grab the Source from JSDB.Org
2.) Unzip it. CD to dir.
3.) change mode of jsdb file (chmod +x jsdb)
4.) fire up ./jsdb And here we GO.

<3 <3 <3