Humongous: A Ruby MongoDB Browser

I recently wrote a lightweight MongoDB browser; written in ruby. It has been written; while keeping non ruby user/developer in mind, for simple use. That means it can be just installed as normal rubygems and fired from console as ususal unix command.

But interesting part is why I had a need to write this,

I generally work on OSX, and love working with it. On OSX we have a very sexy mongodb browser called MongoHub, but I had fellow developers, working on other unix systems; and there are not much option left for browsing MongoDB.

So I wrote humongous and presenting it here. It is one page application written using ruby and HTML5. Here are some FAQ’s


It can be installed as any other rubygems.

gem install humongous

and run on terminal/console


And you are good to go it will open this in a browser or you can navigate it on port 9000. to stop it run:

humongous -K

In the end, for advanced user

here are options and values they take.

-K,   --kill          #kill the running process and exit
-S,   —status         #display the current running PID and URL then quit
-s,   —server SERVER  #serve using SERVER (thin/mongrel/webrick)
-o,   —host HOST      #listen on HOST (default:
-p,   —port PORT      #use PORT (default: 9000)
-x,   —no-proxy       #ignore env proxy settings (e.g. http_proxy)
-F,   —foreground     #don’t daemonize, run in the foreground
-L,   —no-launch      #don’t launch the browser
-d,   —debug          #raise the log level to :debug (default: :info)
—app  -dir APP_DIR    #set the app dir where files are stored(“~/.humongous”)
-h,   —help           #Show this message

Happy Browsing <3 <3 <3