SCRUM methodology

Rails is agile. Ummmmmmm………. Am I right?? Agile is awesome n so is SCRUM Confused???? There are three agile software development methodology out there. first the XP(Extreme Programming), Second Crystal Clear and third one is SCRUM. SCRUM is what that fascinates me. SCRUM is all about developing a software in an incremental iterative framework. In SCRUM we provide our client a single running module of project in an certain timeline (generally 2 to 4 week) called Sprint. [caption id=”attachment_52” align=”aligncenter” width=”480” caption=”SCRUM”] [/caption]

In scrum, there are three roles.

1.) Product Owner (or client) The role of Product owner is to just Prioritize the requirement that he/she/they wanted to be developed within a limited timespan.

2.) ScrumMaster The role of ScrumMaster  (or Project Manager) is to prioritize the product backlog (given by Product Owner) and Lead the Scrum meeting (Probably in every 24 hour). Requirements are frozen once they are in sprint backlog. No one allowed to change them even Product Owner.

3.) The Team The team of 5-10 people specializes in cross functional skills (Design, develop,test.. etc.) who does the actual work (build a shippable item in a sprint)

That’s really it. :)