Promises in ES6

In JS world, promises always been a controversial topic. Interestingly, There are lots of libraries out there implementing promise in there own tastes. jquery’s deferred, q, bluebird, deferred.js to name just a few. Opinions conflict over using async, generators, callbacks etc. But thank God; ECMA has now officially implemented promises in ES6. That’s a good news for JS community over having a single standard implementation of promises. Read More »

Top ES6 feature one should know

So ES6, sounds a new cool name around the corner in tech distrct. If you are still not aware what ES6 is, its a new and improved JavaScript version over ES5. Here are some top feature that a Javascript developer should know. Read More »

Accessing Raspberry Pi 2 using laptop/desktop display and keyboard

There is a lot of buzz regarding IoT (Internet of Things). So we have got our own Raspberry Pi 2 devise to experiment with it. Though we are building something serious, but here is something for starters to access Raspberry Pi 2 using networking. Read More »

Serving static files with golang or gorilla mux

Today, we are going to demonstrate how one could serve static site/ content using golang’s net/http or using gorilla/mux. Let us create base for this. First we would create a directory Read More »

Interfaces in Golang

Golang implements interfaces as types and as collection of methods(specs for what should be considered of that type). Let’s first talk about collection of methods (specs that other types could implement) Read More »