Go to Go - Concurrency Part#1

Go came to existance to solve problems being faced by today‚Äôs software, one of them is concurrency (ability to execute stuff in parellel while providing control and communication among them). To solve this go has provided goroutines to execute stuff in parallel. Read More »

Introduction to Maps in Elixir

Elixir v0.13 has introduced Maps, a key value store. Quoting elixir 0.13 docs Read More »

Indexes do not scale, choose them wisely

Indexes are most commonly related to improving database speed, query efficiency and lowering latency. As in wikipedia Read More »

Moving blogs to Jekyll

I am an avid blogger since long and pretty much used every DIY blogging engine, out there, naming few Read More »

Introducing Event Server

So very first behaviour server of OTP that we are gonna look in is Generic(I am guessing what gen means in erlang) event server. Read More »