An Introduction to Deno

A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. — by ([]   Read More »

gRPC-Communication between Microservices

A high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework   Read More »

Concurrency with Rust

If you have stumbled upon it, either you already used Rust or are interested in how different programming languages solve concurrency. Rust is different, as it does not have a garbage collector and promises memory safety. Those are big promises, but it does achieve that at compile time by making sure that data have ownership and are destroyed if ownership is not transferred as soon as ownership scope ends. And believe me, this guarantees memory safety.   Read More »

Why one should learn Go, in 2019

Go was first appeared on November 10th, 2009 designed by Rob Pike, Ken Thompson and Robert Griesemer. Go was introduced as a new system programming language with quick build times, great tooling, simple concurrency model, and a different approach to object-orientation.   Read More »

Using React's new Effect Hooks

React has added a new feature named Effect Hooks. So what’s the effect hooks and why were they needed. Effect Hooks allows programmer to use some of the React’s class properties (state and others) without actually extending it, in function component. React class comes with a lot of features but mostly we need is state, props and side effect functions (e.g componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate and componentWillUnmount)   Read More »