Using React’s new Effect Hooks

React has added a new feature named Effect Hooks. So what’s the effect hooks and why were they needed. Effect Hooks allows programmer to use some of the React’s class properties (state and others) without actually extending it, in function component. React class comes with a lot of features but mostly we need is state, props and side effect functions (e.g componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate and componentWillUnmount)

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Clustering - Multi-core utilization for Node.JS

While building an application in today’s era; a developer would definitely wish to leverage underlying OS multi-core architecture for performance. Since [JavaScript] is single threaded application meaning that only one thread can run at any given time, hence by default JavaScript can only leverage single core CPU. To come about this, Node.JS has introduced Cluster API. In this article we will have a look at Cluster API, create child processes, and how to use it.

7 min read

API Security - Best Practices and Checklist

Recently API’s (Application Programming Interface) are becoming hot cakes. Implementing API for your application is no more a niche thing but became essential. With advent of multi-faceted application interface (i.e Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Web Apps and Other Consumer applications). Its a great tool to expose your application consumption via own and third-party developers looking to integrate with your app. This enhances your audience reach and aid to consumers.

14 min read

What’s new ECMAScript 2017

Two years ago when ECMAScript 2015 (colloquially known as a ES6) was standardized there was a massive update to the language. Announced at the same time was a yearly release plan that aims to deliver a new version of the language annually and ship it with the proposals that are ready at the time of the TC39 meeting. The list of language improvements is open and you can track it on the TC39 Github account. Following are some noticeable changes in 8th edition or es8 or ECMAScript2017

4 min read

(JWT) JSON Web Tokens for API

In modern era, Authentication and authorization are used widely in mostly every app out there. While authentication establishesh user’s (or machine’s/thing’s) identity, authorization is way to know what kind of access is that user is granted, marking the periphery one is allowed to wander.

5 min read

Promises in ES6

In JS world, promises always been a controversial topic. Interestingly, There are lots of libraries out there implementing promise in there own tastes. jquery’s deferred, q, bluebird, deferred.js to name just a few. Opinions conflict over using async, generators, callbacks etc. But thank God; ECMA has now officially implemented promises in ES6. That’s a good news for JS community over having a single standard implementation of promises.

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