Go lang and MVC

Its been long since working with go language, been awesome experience so far. This post is regarding how one can structure go application in MVC structure like Rails. This example would be using Martini - A Golang MVC and Gorm - A Golang MVC, for demonstration purpose only.

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Go to Go - Struct and Methods

Go has a speciel type struct to define custome type with named fields. Struct act like collection of attributes/properties similar to classes in OOPS languages out there, but not exactly.

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Go to Go - Packages

Go is modern language, so it has to take care of current software development practices; code reuse or DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) being one of them. In go code can be packed into modules and shipped. Lets look into how go uses packages.

1 min read

Go to Go - Concurrency Part#2

In last part, where we discussed Golang Concurrency, we talked about goroutines and channels. As discussed there is much more to channels, liked channel direction, by default a channel is bi-directional, but it can be restricted to sending or receiving.

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Go to Go - Concurrency Part#1

Go came to existance to solve problems being faced by today’s software, one of them is concurrency (ability to execute stuff in parallel while providing control and communication among them). To solve this go has provided goroutines to execute stuff in parallel.

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Moving blogs to Jekyll

I am an avid blogger since long and pretty much used every DIY blogging engine, out there, naming few

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Elixir - Introducing Event Server

So very first behaviour server of OTP that we are gonna look in is Generic(I am guessing what gen means in erlang) event server.

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