GIT TIP#2 Squash merge commit instead of merge

Git is most popular distributed version control system used by developers now a days. And most popular workflow being used is of feature-branch-workflow. In this developer working on feature would shoot off a new branch called feature-branch and give it a meaningful name.

2 min read

Layman’s guide for Cyber Security

Technology has greatly evolved, businesses have gone online, so is digital payment transaction [source]. But to our dismay, cybersecurity awareness is still lowest in India. Banks, financial institutions have adopted digital transactions, online banking but customer awareness is where they fail utterly.

4 min read

Humongous: A Ruby MongoDB Browser

I recently wrote a lightweight MongoDB browser; written in ruby. It has been written; while keeping non ruby user/developer in mind, for simple use. That means it can be just installed as normal rubygems and fired from console as ususal unix command.

1 min read

QuickTips Ruby1.9 [Part 1] Hash

Changes in Hash In Ruby19 hash becomes ordered, don’t believe it see it yourself. Keys will be in order they are inserted.

~1 min read