JSDB - (A JIT interpreter for JavaScript)

Frankly I used to be frightened from working with JavaScript but since I started working with Core JavaScript(in Titanium) my interest grew for this language. I started hacking around the stuff in JavaScript, but being a Ruby developer from heart I do not want to leave command line and to test the code I have written, I needed some sort of compiler or interpreter like Ruby’s IRB. So as usual I hit the Google but for my misery I found nothing.

1 min read

Shortly (A cleaner Ruby wrapper for various url shortener services)

As mentioned in header Shortly is a cleaner Ruby wrapper for various url shortener services. It support maximum number of url shortener services out there huh(excluding url shortener services whose own url are not even short. Believe me they are many).

2 min read

Flash/SilverLight Player Plugin for Rails 3

It’s been long time since I wrote my last post about Meta programming; I did not find time as I was busy, finally I spared some time from my hectic schedule to upgrade my old plugins to rails 3.

~1 min read

Metaprogramming in Rails

Meta-programming means your programming language is writing code for you. And for sure Ruby is a great language having all cool features.Rails being a great ruby framework encashes all features of ruby. Rails itself uses meta-programming every where.

1 min read

Action Mailer Configuration for Google app or Gmail

Recently I needed to setup smtp server to send mail. nothing was new, I simply used rails ActionMailer as one should be. It should have been working, but wait; ohhhhhh snap, it was not!

1 min read

Webrat Steps extension (Be more DRY)

Recently when I was working with Cucumber and Webrat, I found default webrat definition very interesting. Even in some case I didn’t even had to write a single step definition. But while proceeding I found that something is missing from webrat definition. So I decided to extend it. And come up with some methods defined as below. To use them just download this file and put it under features/step_definitions/ You can copy below code clipboard.

~1 min read

Difference Between Gem and Plugin

Now a days many developers are developing web application using ruby on rails. But a few of them know what actually the difference between “Gem” and “Plugin”.

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